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In the light, it all unfolds.
We've left ourselves overexposed.
As colour fades, to subtle greys.
The lines we laid, were left to late.
But in the dark we see a spark and hold on hope.
But daylight breaks and it escapes as all we know,
Comes rushing in, with no restraint.
Down your throat, into your veins.

Wake up and smell the ashes won't you,
Close your eyes.

In the dark, down in the heat,
I'm losing weight, and grinding my teeth.
I haven't left my room in days.
On two hands can count the steps I take.
But in the fade it's not too late to make a start.
But all that's left is letters kept and question marks.
Every word it resonates, I find myself in everything you say.

The quiver in my voice, almost gave it all away.
Until I pushed it deep down, until I found the words to say.
"May every step you take, put you further down your path."
Because I know deep down, your heart's not mine to have.

We're just lines of thread, with knots for heads, with knots for heads, with knots for...

We can stitch ourselves together,
When we erupt at the seams,
We can tie ourselves down,
With all the comforts that we need.
We can close our eyes, to every sign that we see.
So we can be the same.
So we can always be.

I let the distance divide us.
I let the divide define us.
Wash away any trace of blame, that stains my hands.
But it sticks around, like what a coward that I am.


from A light goes out, released August 18, 2016




Assets Dublin, Ireland

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