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My lipstick red stained cheek.
And her heart set on mischief.
As my blood begins to boil.
"Oh you're always the victim"

Her eyes lock onto mine.
She's getting closer one step at a time.
With every inch of myself, I smother the scream "This is not where I want to be."

Don't tell me to calm down.
Oh what do you know.

You left this trail for me to find.
So I started one of my own.
In case somewhere further down the line,
I'd change my mind.

The heat, has me.
Two feet, barely hold me.
The heat, has me.
Two words, come unravelling.

I can drink this drink, and you can tell me about the rabbits again George.

Cracks have formed,
In the walls we built,
But we can paint them up,
To look like patchwork quilts.

But it hangs around my neck,
Then slowly slips into my chest,
Take hold,
It's how I know,
When I'm alone.

But it hangs around my neck,
Then slowly slips into my chest,
There's always something left unsaid.
I know.

The glow in the dark fake plastic stars on my ceiling,
The planets and moons, they capture the feeling,
Of innocence once had, but now lost and is gone.
But I'd rather them glow than turn the light on.


from A light goes out, released August 18, 2016




Assets Dublin, Ireland

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